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Corporate Policy on Responsible Care (Safety, Health, the Environment and Product Quality)

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Company Profile

Name Sumika Polycarbonate Limited
Established Jan. 1, 1996
Paid-in Capital 2.4 billion Yen
Shareholder Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.
Business Production and sale of polycarbonate resins (SD POLYCA™) and their blends.
Number of Employees About 130

President Masaya Naito

Executive Vice President Yasunobu Ida


Tetsuya Yamamoto
Akira Orihara
Shinichi Kawase

Corporate Auditors

Hiroyuki Tanaka
Seiji Yoshihara


Sumika Polycarbonate Mission & Vision


Upholding the higher Ethical standard and promoting Safety, Health and Preservation of the Environment, Contribute to our Customers, Employees, Shareholders and Society by offering outstanding Products and the most suitable Services.


To be the Global Leader of High-value-added Polycarbonate products, which have No. 1 quality in the world based on the superior technology.

To be a powerful, lean and highly profitable company, where people respect open and candid corporate culture and strive for growth.


Sense of Mission – perform your mission

Corporate Policy on Responsible Care
(Safety, Health, the Environment and Product Quality)

To ensure that we, in accordance with our Shareholder’s Basic Principles for Promoting Sustainability and the Sumitomo Chemical Charter for Business Conduct, contribute to the sustainable development of society and achieve our own sustained growth by gaining society’s trust, we declare our commitment to addressing the following matters as the highest priority tasks with respect to safety, health, the environment, and product quality:

1. We will maintain safe and stable operations by realizing zero-accident, zero-injury performance and "Making safety our first priority."
2. We will ensure the safety of our employees, neighboring communities, and other stakeholders through risk-based continual improvement of our performance in occupational safety and health, industrial safety and disaster prevention, and other related areas, as well as the security of our facilities, processes and technologies.
3. We will work to ensure environmental and human health and safety throughout the life cycle of our products by promoting continual improvement in chemicals safety and product stewardship across the supply chain, and enhancing our chemicals management system.
4. We will work to protect the environment through continual improvement of our environmental performance throughout the life cycle of our products, from development to disposal, and address climate change and related.
5. We will provide safe and reliable products and services that our customers can use safely and with confidence.
6. We will not only comply with all domestic and international laws, regulations, and ordinances but also work to use best practices through our voluntary initiatives.
7. We will disclose information and engage in dialogue with society to ensure we meet society’s expectations, respond to its interests, and remain accountable to the same.
8. We will contribute to sustainable development of society by improving our performance, expanding business opportunities, as well as developing and providing innovative technologies and other solutions to address social challenges.

Established: May 1, 2021

Offices, R&D Center and Plant

Tokyo Head Office Kayabacho-Takagi Bldg.
1-8 Nihonbashi-Koamicho, Chuo-ku
Tokyo, Japan, 103-0016
Phone: +81-3-6837-9220, Fax: +81-3-6837-9223
Business Dept.Osaka
R&D Center
3-1-98, KasugadeNaka, Konohana-ku
Osaka, Japan, 554-8558
Business Dept. Phone: +81-6-6466-6962 Fax: +81-6-6466-6964
R&D Center Phone: +81-6-6466-5385 Fax: +81-6-6466-5388
Ehime Plant 2-10-2, Kikumoto-cho, Niihama City
Ehime, Japan, 792-0801
Phone: +81-897-37-5079, Fax: +81-897-37-6390

Tokyo Head Office (Kayabacho-Takagi Bldg.) Guide Map